(FAQ) Frequently asked questions

Which sprayer should I choose?

First, you should ask yourself what you wish to use it for. It is important to identify the sector and chemical for which you need the sprayer.

Each of our sprayer families has its own particularities, and that is why we classify them by sectors.

Where can I buy my IK Sprayer?

Just send us your email and tell us where you are writing from. We will be contacting you shortly to provide you with information on your nearest points of sale.

I'm experiencing lost or low pressure in my sprayer

  1. Check if the inflator stem seal/gasket is worn

  2. Remove the non-return valve from the chamber, clean the valve and the supporting surface. If it is damaged, replace it with a new one.

  3. Check that the inflator (head) is sufficiently attached to the reservoir. Check that the gasket that seals the tank and the support surface are not damaged.

I have already put pressure in the tank, but the stem rises by itself and liquid comes out through the chamber

Clean the chamber non-return valve and the supporting surface. If it is damaged, replace the valve. Check our spare parts section

The safety valve does not jump

Add oil/lubricant and turn it on. Make sure that it is tight.

My IK Foam seems stuck and/or does not have enough product

  1. Make sure that the chemical you wish to spray is capable of foaming and that you are using the dilution recommended by its manufacturer.

  2. Choose the type of foam you are looking for and place the appropriate mixer: green for dry foam, Gray for intermediate, and orange for liquid foam.

  3. Make sure that the top is tightly screwed on and that no air is being released from it.

  4. Remove the suction tube and clean it with water.

  5. Check that the nozzle felt is clean; if not, replace it.

  6. Check that the sprayer has reached the maximum pressure (valve jump).

I have already tried everything and my sprayer is not working

At IK Sprayers, we believe in continuous improvement and are interested in learning about defects that IK sprayers may present. Please email us with your problem at iksprayers@goizper.com. We will appreciate it if you send photos or videos that can help us better detect the failure.

A technician will be contacting you as soon as possible to offer a solution.

Should I clean my sprayer after each use?

For good cleaning and maintenance of your sprayer, we recommend that you read the following instructions: Maintenance rules.

Do you have accessories?

We have a wide range of accessories including hoses, lances, extensions, and content identification cards.

I want to be a distributor. Where can I contact you?

Send an email to iksprayers@goizper.com.One of our business representatives will be contacting you.