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(FAQ) Frequently asked questions

My sprayers does not gain pressure?

The foam type I get is unsuitable for my application or is not what I expected 

Before spraying, ensure that the chemical solution has foaming (foaming agent) properties and that you are using the recommended dilution as provided by the manufacturer.

Choose the type of foam you want to achieve and set the appropriate mixer to suit your needs: green for dry foam, grey for intermediate and orange for liquid foam.

Apply pressure to the sprayer until the safety valve pops up.

Even if you release the trigger, it will still spray


As the inflator rises, there is a chance that liquid could spill out of the chamber 

Clean the non-return valve of the chamber and the support surface. If damaged, replace the valve.

Part 165 for all models.

Part 1118 for IK ALK models

See spare parts

The safety valve does not pop up

Apply lubricating oil to the internal mechanism. To properly lubricate the spring, simply add a few drops of lubricant and then move the valve up and down to ensure that the internal mechanism is fully coated.

I have problems with my IK TR

  • My IK TR does not spray

    • The spray nozzle is adjustable; if it is completely closed, it will prevent any spray from coming out of the spray head. Therefore, make sure that the nozzle is open (release the nozzle by at least one turn). In addition, you'll need to pull the spray head trigger 3-4 times to pump the liquid from the tank for the first time.

  • My IK TR spray head is leaking.

    • If the leak originates from the spray head mechanism, the chemical used is incompatible with the spray head's materials and has damaged the spray head mechanism. Therefore, replace the spray head with a spare, and ensure the chemical is compatible with the spray head materials.

    • If the leak comes from the threaded connection between the spray head and the tank, it is because the spray head is not attached correctly or has been over-threaded. Release the spray head from the tank and ensure that the nut and the tank thread are not damaged. If they are in good condition, screw them upright; if they are damaged, you must replace either the spray head or the tank.

  • The spray head 's trigger does not reset to its initial position

    • This is because a corrosive chemical (acid) has been used and has damaged the internal spring of the spray head. Replace the spray head with a spare one.

Do I have to clean my sprayer after each use?

This will depend on how often the sprayer is used and whether the chemical to be sprayed is the same. We recommend cleaning the sprayer if it hasn't been used for a long period of time. Please read the maintenance instructions to find out how to do this.

How do I clean my sprayer?

To ensure your sprayer is thoroughly cleaned, we suggest referring to the instruction manual that came with your sprayer. Additionally, we highly recommend reaching out to the chemical manufacturer for detailed guidance on how to remove any leftover residue.

I've tried everything, and my sprayer doesn't work

At IK Sprayers, we are committed to constantly improving and strive to gain a thorough understanding of our customers' experiences with our equipment. If you come across any problem that is not mentioned in this section, please feel free to reach out to us at:

Kindly send us any photos or videos that might aid us in gaining a better understanding of your current situation.

Do you have spare parts?

Our IK sprayers are equipped with spare parts and maintenance kits that can be replaced with ease, ensuring that your sprayer operates at optimal capacity.

I want to become a distributor; where can I contact you?

Send an email to One of our sales representatives will contact you