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Professional Electric Sprayer IK e 15 BS

The IK e 15 BS sprayer is a battery powered backpack sprayer manufactured under high standards of quality, robustness, reliability, and safety. It offers a professional spraying solution thanks to its easy operation, simple maintenance and battery life.

The IK e 15 BS is the ideal sprayer for the application of the most commonly used chemicals in the fields of cleaning and disinfection, virus, pest and epidemic control.

IK e 15 BS
Reference IK e 15 BS
Sectors in which to use IK e 15 BS
Cleaning and disinfection Pest control Epidemics & virus control
Products with which to use IK e 15 BS
Disinfectants, Neutral products, Solvent-based pesticides, Alcohols, Oils, solvents and petroleum by-products.

  1. Translucent tank with level indicator
  2. Large filling opening
  3. Integrated ergonomic carrying handle
  4. Stainless steel handle
  5. Stainless steel lance
  6. Lance grip
  7. Special nozzles for disinfection and pest control
  8. Padded adjustable straps with click closure
  9. Long-life 18v lithium battery
  10. Dual position electronic control for homogeneous spraying (PI Pest Control/PII Disinfection)

Scope of use

Technical information

Valve No
Hose 1,5m / 59 inches
Standard nozzles Special nozzle kit for disinfection and pest control
Lance 50 cm / 19,6 inches stainless steel
Useful capacity 15L – 4 USA Gals.
Total capacity 16L – 4,2 USA Gals.
Gross weight 5,1 kg – 11,2 lbs
Net weight 4,3 kg – 9,5 lbs

IK e 15 BS professional electric sprayer

The IK e 15 BS sprayer has been specially designed to offer the best professional spraying experience in the fields of cleaning and disinfection, virus and pandemic control and pest control.

Its long life 18V lithium battery, and its optimum components selected for this type of application, such as the nozzle kit, reinforced 1.5 m hose, stainless steel lance and handle, dual position electronic control for uniform spraying, etc., make it the best ally for any professional.

The special nozzle kit for disinfection and pest control includes the best nozzles on the market to cover all the needs of different applications in these sectors.


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