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10 Litre Sprayers

10 Litre Sprayers

Discover our range of 10 litre IK sprayers. Get professional results with IK Sprayers.

Common uses of the 10 litre sprayers

IK Sprayers' 10 litre sprayers have the highest equipment and safety features. They can be used with a wide range of chemicals in different sectors such as construction or cleaning, as their design is intended for professional use with the most aggressive chemicals.

Among the most common applications we can highlight the generation of foam and cleaning of wheels and bodywork in the automotive sector, the application of release agents, curing agents and descaling agents in construction, the application of disinfectants and detergents in the professional cleaning sector, etc.

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When to choose a 10 litre sprayer

When it comes to construction work or cleaning work in a public space, our 10 litre sprayers are ideal because they can be carried by hand or on a shoulder strap and, thanks to their size, offer very good autonomy.

The different 10 litre sprayers that we offer are perfect when you are looking for equipment with a maximum useful capacity of up to 10 litres. Within our range, you will find the right sprayer for your needs. In addition, we offer a wide variety of spare parts to keep your sprayer always ready and accessories to meet your specific spraying needs.

10 litre sprayers for the most demanding tasks

IK Sprayers' range of 10 litre sprayers is characterized by its strength and ergonomics in use. There are different models of 10 litre sprayers which, depending on the chemical to be applied, use specific materials to guarantee resistance during use and over time.

All 10 litre sprayers are equipped with a safety valve that prevents over-pressurization of the unit and releases the pressure once the work is completed. The opening-closing handles and the hose end connections are extremely resistant to all types of stress and chemicals. The translucency of the 10 litre sprayers' tank allows the contents of the tank to be seen, guaranteeing the extreme robustness and durability of the IK.