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Sprayers for Automotive and Detailing

Sprayers for Automotive and Detailing

Discover our range of IK professional sprayers for automotive and detailing. Get professional results with IK Sprayers.

Common uses of automotive and detailing sprayers

IK professional sprayers are designed to adapt to all types of washing, cleaning and cosmetic work related to the transport and automotive sector. Among the most frequent uses are:

  • Bodywork cleaning.
  • Fuselage and hull cleaning.
  • Brake cleaning.
  • Upholstery cleaning.
  • Wheel cleaning.
  • Engine cleaning.
  • Tyre polishing.
  • Removal of tar, silicone and paraffin stains.
  • Cleaning of windows and dashboards.
  • Application of sun protection film.
  • Bicycle cleaning.
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Professional sprayers for automotive and detailing

IK sprayers are a great ally for vehicle care. Achieve an impeccable interior and exterior simply, efficiently and effortlessly. Consult our large catalogue of sprayers specially designed for cleaning, disinfecting and waxing cars. We have products designed for cleaning not only cars, but also buses, trucks, motorbikes, bicycles and other large means of transport such as yachts, planes or trains.

A wide range of sprayers

Discover the range of IK professional sprayers developed for the automotive and transport sector. Bet on high quality and easy to use sprayers with an innovative and ergonomic design. Take advantage of the versatility of a product that offers the possibility of spraying through different types of nozzles to carry out all vehicle washing and cleaning tasks more comfortably and quickly.

All our sprayers are designed for professional use. Their great resistance against aggressive chemicals allows the most effective cleaning and disinfection. Choose the sprayer that best suits the activity you are going to perform and feel the peace of mind that comes from a high quality and safe product.

The design of our equipment and the possibility of using various accessories, allows the different tasks of maintenance and washing of the vehicle to be carried out comfortably, such as: cleaning of rims, cleaning the interior of the vehicle, brakes cleaning, removal of tar, silicone and paraffin stains etc.

Our IK sprayers are also perfect for cleaning and maintenance of all components of the bike: cleaning of the bike chain; frame, saddle, handlebar, wheels, etc.

Remember that we have spare parts and maintenance kits to prolong the life of your sprayer and maintain its maximum performance.